Barcelona StreetSmart® Map

Barcelona StreetSmart street map

VanDam Barcelona Street Map:
Compact & Laminated

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VanDam's best selling "Barcelona StreetSmart" maps all of Barcelona's attractions, neighborhoods, museums, hotels and more at an immensely legible scale with 3D buildings. Includes detail of gothic Ciutat Vella with all transportation.

This sexy laminated city map package refolds easily to 4" x 9" (24" x 9" open) and snuggly fits into your pocket. Buy this map to become an instant StreetSmart Barcelonesa.

ISBN: 1-934395-55-2

Customer Reviews

"I took this map to BCN with me, last minute, and I NEVER PUT IT DOWN. Something is so much better about looking at a real map as opposed to your phone. I could make out all the wording and found every street I wanted. That's not asking too much! I needed 1 piece because I hate turning pages, and I needed laminated because It Rains Sometimes! I promised myself I'd write a good review when I got back, so, here it is. (Ta Da !!)"

- Noni, August 8, 2016  ★★★★★  (out of 5 stars)

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